Carly McMenoman has been doing stand-up comedy since she could stand up.

When she learned to read she began highlighting lines in “How To Be A Stand-up Comic.” In Middle School she was the youngest performer at local talent contests. By sixteen she had produced, marketed, and headlined a comedy show to a sold out audience of over 500 people where she filmed her first DVD “Out of Quarters, Out of Pride.”

Carly electrifies audiences with her cleverly awkward twist on Cinemax-After-Dark type stories.

Her candidness and thoughtful set building gets everyone on her side… even when that happens to be outside of their comfort zone. Considered “the nicest naughty girl you’ll ever meet” people find themselves rooting for her instead of getting offended because she’s relatable, likable, and non-threatening.


“Carly is about telling the truth in a pretty straight-forward way, but extremely clever and funny in her jokes…She’s automatic. Carly is someone I predict will be a star.”

-Louie Anderson